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28th Frozen Nuts Rally
7th, 8th & 9th February 2014

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For our 10th year DangerMouse have been made welcome at Bignall End Cricket Club. Times are hard for many but we still had a lovely turnout and a big thank you to all those that came and helped raise money for such a fantastic cause. DangerMouse presented Air Ambulance with 1000 to try and help keep this important service up in the air. Thank you.

DangerMouse RC are a Stoke on Trent based bike rally club. We attend rallies held by other clubs all over the country, some even attend rallies in other countries!
We host 2 rallies a year: Around Jan/Feb we hold the "Frozen Nuts Rally", and around August/September the "DangerMouse Rally".

Most of the money raised from our events is presented to a local charity, so not only are we getting ratted and having a laugh but we're doing our bit and making a difference!
See the Charity page for details of some of the donations we have made over the years.
At night you will usually find a live rock band and a rock disco to keep you going through the night and for those of you who take pride, or even lack of pride! in your bike there is a chance to win a small trophy/plaque. If you have a bag of nails don't worry, we've got a category for you ... best Rat Bike!
Missed our rally then fear not, it will soon come around again soon enough, in the meantime look out for us propping up bars at other rallies!

Interested in joining? Come along to one of our meetings. They are held every other Monday at 8:30pm at The Green Star pub, Esperanto Way, Smallthorne, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. ST6 1SF. See the Contacts page and get in touch to find out when our next meeting is.

Thanks to Macca from Oz (aka Stiletto the crow); one of the original founding members, for providing me with the founder information, and Megan Gibson for the early members. Should anyone know more then please drop me a line.
DMRC is believed to have been established between May and IOM TT Races, 1985 by John Clucas, who sadly passed away in 2007. . The club was set up as a bit of fun, one that wasn't so serious like a lot of the others at that time!
There were 6 founding members, believed to be
Cluke (Baron Greenback),
David 'Macca' Macnamara (Stiletto the crow, with boomerang and corks on his hat in honour of his Oz connection),
Steve Kirkham (Count Duckula),
Helen (Penfold),
Kent (DangerMouse)
Julie (Clukes lady at the time) (Nero).
1st/early members are believed to be
Mick Gibson - now in Perth, Oz
Megan Gibson
Gill Baylay
The 6 founders all liked getting drunk and watching DangerMouse, and as the number of main characters in DangerMouse was also 6 it fit perfectly to give each member a character as their 'patch'! The 'Rally Club' part of the name was because they were all about partying hard, partying often! and doing rallies.
Dragon fair, Rhode heath in a field next to the Broughton has been mentioned as possibly the 1st rally site?

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R.I.P. John Clucas; founder of Dangermouse RC.